Remove a member from an email list when they cancel


If you're emailing your Glow members using an email automation tool, you might want to automatically remove them from your email list when they cancel your membership in Glow. Glow has an integration with Zapier, a software that enables you to send data between applications. In this case, you will use Zapier to remove members from email automation tools like MailChimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, etc.

Why remove members who cancel from an email list?

When folks cancel their membership plan you've set up in Glow, your emails may no longer be relevant. Whether you're sending members exclusive newsletters, membership updates, or something else meant for members' eyes only, you'll probably want to stop when they cancel. By using this integration with Zapier, you can do that automatically.

Which apps does this work with?

Using Glow's integration with Zapier, you can remove cancelled members from any email automation tool that also has an integration with Zapier and the functionality to remove, unsubscribe, or tag users. We've confirmed that the following email automation tools work with Glow:

  • MailChimp

If your desired email automation tool is not listed here, it may still work. Search the Zapier app directory or reach out to us at

How it works


There are three accounts you'll need:

  • A published Glow account.  We recommend creating a test member that you can use to test your set-up. If you've signed up for your own Glow page using your email, that will work. If you haven't, register on your Glow page in a private browser using your own email address. This will serve as an email address that you can test with in Zapier. Make sure that test member both has an account with Glow and is in an email list in your email automation tool.
  • An account with a supported email automation tool. Inside your email automation tool, You'll also need to set up a list designated for your Glow members. 
  • A Zapier account
Glow’s integration with Zapier is currently in beta mode. Follow this link to get early access in Zapier.

Once you have these three accounts set up, create a Zap to remove cancelled members from an email list.

  1. Choose "Glow" as your App and "Listener Removed" as your Trigger Event
  2. Choose your desired email automation tool as your second App
  3. Choose an action event for removing a subscriber. The action name will depend on the email automation tool you've selected. For example, the action for MailChimp is called "Unsubscribe Email"
  4. Turn on your Zap


We’ve highlighted MailChimp to walk through the set-up. If you use a different email automation tool that integrates with Zapier, you can set those up, too, with similar processes.

Step 1: Create a zap

To create a Zap, click "Make a Zap" in Zapier. Set up your Zap the following way:

Step 2: Connect Glow

First, choose "Glow" for your App and "Listener Removed" for your Trigger Event

Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into your Glow account.

Next, click "Test and Review." You should see sample listeners. You should find your "test member": the member you created using your own email. 

Then, click "Done Editing."

Step 3: Connect MailChimp

First, choose "+" to add an action. Choose "MailChimp" for your App and "Unsubscribe" for your Action.

Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into your MailChimp account.

Next, choose the Audience you've created in MailChimp and designated for Glow members. (MailChimp audiences act as lists.)

Under Subscriber Email, click the "+" button on the right and find "Listener Email" in dropdown list. This is the user you'll be testing with. You'll also have the option to delete this user from MailChimp entirely.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

Then, click "Test and Review". This will unsubscribe your test user from MailChimp if they are in the Audience you've identified in the Zap already.

If your test user is not in MailChimp or has already been unsubscribed, the Zapier test will result in a red error message. If this is intentional, proceed by clicking "Skip Test".

Finally, click "Done Editing".

Step 4: Turn on your Zap 

This part is easy! Click Turn Zap On, and you're ready to roll. 

That’s it! Now you’ve got Glow and MailChimp together to help you remove or manage members in MailChimp when they cancel.

Do you want to keep your cancelled members subscribed, restricting them from some emails, but not all of them? To do this, create a tag in Mailchimp called "Cancelled". Back in Zapier, instead of selecting "Unsubscribe Email" for your Mailchimp Trigger Event, select "Add Subscriber to Tag". From there, follow Zapier's steps to identify your Audience and "Cancelled" tag.

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