Invite new members to your online community


One of the benefits you might want to offer your members is access to an exclusive community. Glow will integrate with any online community forum that has an integration with Zapier to make it easier to do just that.

Why invite new members to an online community?

An active online community forum can bring fans of your content closer to both you and each other to build, well, a community. Community forums are the meeting place for lots of exclusive content that you can't otherwise offer: interactive AMAs, post-episode discussions, and more. They also allow you to ask for immediate feedback from your biggest fans on your content, as well as other membership offerings. 

Which apps does this work with?

Using Glow's integration with Zapier, you can make it easier to invite members to any online community forum tool that also has an integration with Zapier. We've confirmed that the following online community  forum tools work with Glow:

  • Slack

If your desired tool is not listed here, it may still work. Search the Zapier app directory or reach out to us at

Slack is an instant messaging platform that specializes in communication for teams, most often used by companies. Communities use Slack to cultivate an exclusive forum, categorize discussion by topic, host AMAs, etc. 

How it works


There are three accounts you'll need:

  • A published Glow account.  We also recommend creating a test member that you can use to test your set-up. If you've signed up for your own Glow page using your email, that will work. If you haven't, register on your Glow page in a private browser using your own email address. This will serve as an email address that you can test with in Zapier.
  • A Slack account (or an account with another supported online community forum tool.)
  • A Zapier account
Glow’s integration with Zapier is currently in beta mode. Follow this link to get early access in Zapier.

Once you have these three accounts set up, create a Zap to trigger reminders for yourself in slack to invite new members.

There are five steps to create your Zap and invite new members.

  1. Choose "Glow" as your App and "Listener Added" as your Trigger Event
  2. Choose Slack as your second App (or an account with another supported online community forum tool.)
  3. Choose the action event, "Invite User to Channel". If you aren't using Slack, the action event will be different.
  4. Turn on your Zap
  5. Invite new members in Slack

Step 1: Create a zap

To create a Zap, click "Make a Zap" in Zapier. 

Step 2: Connect Glow

First, choose "Glow" for your App and "Listener Added" for your Trigger Event

Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into your Glow account.

Next, click "Test and Review." You should see sample listeners. You should find your "test member": the member you created using your own email. 

Then, click "Done Editing."

Step 3: Connect Slack

First, choose "+" to add an action. Choose "Slack" for your App and "Add Reminder in Slack" for your Action.

Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into your Slack account.

Next, customize your reminder. This is the message you'll receive in Slack. Make sure to include the "Listener Email" property in your message. 

Click "Continue".

Then, click "Test and Review". This will send you a reminder in Slack to invite the test member. 

If Zapier returns a green success message, you're all set! Go to your Slack workspace and you should see a reminder to invite your test member sent as a direct message from "Slackbot".

To invite a new member, navigate to your channel name on the top-right and find "Invite people".

Then, paste your member's email address and send their invitation.

Now your new member will get an invitation in their inbox.

That’s it! Now you’ve got Glow and Slack together to help you build an amazing community!

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