Host recurring group coaching calls


Looking to coach or instruct your community as a part of your membership program? Glow will integrate with any video conferencing or webinar software that has an integration with Zapier to automatically invite new members to a recurring coaching session or webinar.

Why invite new members to a recurring group coaching call?

If you're in the position to offer your expertise and coaching to help improve an area of your members' lives, online group coaching calls can be a valuable addition to your program. You can also record your group coaching calls and repurpose them into exclusive podcasts for your entire member base to benefit from.

Which apps does this work with?

Using Glow's integration with Zapier, you can make it easier to invite members to any video conferencing or webinar software that also has an integration with Zapier. We've confirmed that the following video conferencing and webinar tools work with Glow:

  • Zoom

If your desired tool is not listed here, it may still work. Search the Zapier app directory or reach out to us at

How it works


There are four accounts you'll need:

  • A published Glow account.  We also recommend creating a test member that you can use to test your set-up. If you've signed up for your own Glow page using your email, that will work. If you haven't, register on your Glow page in a private browser using your own email address. This will serve as an email address that you can test with in Zapier.
  • Zoom Pro account ($15 per month) or an account with another supported video conferencing or webinar software. 
    • To set up using Zoom you'll also need a Google account, which you'll use to link your calendar to Zoom and Zapier.
  • A Zapier account
Glow’s integration with Zapier is currently in beta mode. Follow this link to get early access in Zapier.

Once you have four accounts set up, create a Zap to trigger calendar invites to your call to new members.

There are five steps to create your Zap and invite new member:

  1. Create your recurring coaching call in Zoom
  2. In Zapier, Choose "Glow" as your App and "Listener Added" as your Trigger Event
  3. Choose Google Calendars as your second App
  4. Choose the action event, "Add Attendee/s to Event".
  5. Turn on your Zap

Step 1: Create your recurring coaching call in Zoom

Create an account with Zoom and make sure to integrate your calendar. We'll be demonstrating with Google Calendar. You'll need Zoom Pro, which costs $15 per month.

Next, schedule a monthly meeting.

In the settings of your new event, do the following:

  • Set the date then select "Recurring meeting"
  • Under "Advanced Options", select "Mute participants on entry"
  • To make sure you can send recordings to your members, select "Record the meeting automatically on the local computer"

Zoom will redirect to your calendar tool. Once there, you must select edit the calendar invitation to make it a recurring event.

Next, you'll likely want to restrict access for your members to invite others to the coaching calls or see the invitation list. In Google Calendar you can do so under "Guest permissions".

Finally, save your event. 

Step 2: Create a zap

To create a Zap, click "Make a Zap" in Zapier. 

Step 3: Connect Glow

First, choose "Glow" for your App and "Listener Added" for your Trigger Event

Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into your Glow account.

Next, click "Test and Review." You should see sample listeners. You should find your "test member": the member you created using your own email. 

Then, click "Done Editing."

Step 4: Connect Google Calendar

By integrating Google Calendar with Glow via Zapier, you'll automatically invite new members to the Calendar event for your recurring group coaching call.

First, choose "+" to add an action. Choose "Google Calendar" for your App and "Add Attendee/s to Event" for your Action.

Next, Zapier will prompt you to sign into your Google account.

Next, choose the email address associated with your calendar to add a "Calendar" and choose the name of your recurring event to add an "Event". Then, add "Listener Email" as your "Attendee/s".

Then, click "Test and Review". This will add your test contact to your recurring group coaching call event in Google Calendar.

If Zapier returns a green success message, you're all set! Go ahead to your the inbox for your test member, and you should see an invitation for the recurring group coaching call via Google Calendar.

Finally, back in Zapier click "Done Editing".

Step 5: Turn on your Zap 

This part is easy! Click Turn Zap On, and you're ready to roll. 

That's it! Now you've got Glow and Zoom hooked up to automatically invite new members to your amazing, informative monthly group coaching call.

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