Create an ad free feed in Art19

Let's say you're using Art19 to host your podcast, and want to offer an ad-free feed as members-only. Art19 helps make that easy by allowing you to create an alternate feed, so you don't have to upload new content twice. Here's how to do that:

1. Email to get an alternate fed set up for WSB and ask for a restricted feed that is unlisted, with no ads, and ask to add the Google block tag. 
2. Art 19 will respond via support and provide that RSS feed. 
3. This feed can be connected to the WSB profile, so that you have two versions of the same feed without having to upload content multiple times.
4. Add that alternative feed to your Glow profile, and that's the one we'll use to create private, ad-free feeds. 
5. When you start a new ad campaign from within Art19, de-select this alternate feed for that campaign. You'll only have to upload new episodes to one place, since both feeds will be connected. But, ads for any given campaign will only be inserted into your main feed. 

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