Step 2: Add your podcast to Glow

Now that you have a members-only podcast, you’ll need to add it to Glow. Step 2 walks through setting up your Glow account so that you can start giving your members exclusive access to your podcast. In the process, you’ll design a page where your members will access your podcast via a unique link they receive in email.

1. Get started with Glow here.

2. Click “Let’s Begin”

3. Click “Exclusive Content”

4. Add the RSS feed for your members-only podcast. The RSS feed is generated from your podcast host platform, which we walk through in step 1.

5. Add your “Podcast Name”. Your members will see the podcast name in their enrollment email, pictured below. You’ll likely want this field to match the title of your members-only podcast.

6. Add your Glow URL. This URL will not be publicly available since you will be integrating Glow with a membership software. Members will get a unique link to access their podcast, which includes the Glow URL you set here.

7. Click “I want to offer exclusive content to my existing members.”

8. Under “Do you plan to integrate Glow with your existing membership software or app?” click “Yes.” 

By integrating Glow with your existing membership software or app, you will be able to automatically give your members access to your members-only podcast when they join, automatically remove access when they cancel, and bulk-enroll your current members.

Glow integrates with any membership service in the Zapier app directory. This includes, but is not limited to, Memberful, Mighty Networks, Teachable, SamCart, WooCommerce, and Kajabi.

Don’t worry about setting up Zapier now. We’ll do that in Step 3.

If you use a membership software or app that is not listed in the Zapier app directory, use custom software, or are not sure, contact us at

9. Design your Glow page. This is your members’ unique link to access their members-only podcast in their preferred podcast player. Customize this page by choosing “Light Mode” or “Dark Mode”, and setting the button colors. This page automatically pulls in podcast art from your RSS feed.

10. Finally, agree to terms and publish. Now, you’re ready for step 3: integrating Glow with your membership software in Zapier.

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