Step 2: Set up your membership page in Glow

Now that you have a members-only podcast, you'll need to set up your membership with Glow. Step two walks through building the page you'll send your listeners to pay for and get access to your membership benefits, including your podcast.

1. Get started with Glow here.

2. Click “Let’s Begin”

3. Click “Exclusive Content”

4. Add the RSS feed for your members-only podcast. The RSS feed is generated from your podcast host platform, which we walk through in step 1.

If you're hosting a podcast with Glow, select your podcast name from the drop-down menu.

If you're using a different hosting platform, copy and paste your RSS feed.

5. Add your Podcast Name. This will appear at the top of your Glow page, linking to your website URL if you have one.

6. Add your Glow URL. This is the URL to which you will direct your listeners to sign up for your membership. 

7. Click "I want to start a new membership". If you want to integrate a members-only podcast with an existing membership set-up elsewhere instead, click "I want to offer exclusive content to my existing members" and follow this set-up guide.

8. Next, set-up your payment method. Choose recurring payments to charge your listeners on a monthly or annual basis. This is most common for memberships. Choose one-time payments to charge your listeners once. This is most common for selling singular pieces of content, like an audiobook, 30-day manifestation challenge, or limited run podcast. 

By selecting one-time payments, you will be prompted to enter the price. By selecting recurring payments, you'll customize your pricing with the following options:

  • Monthly payments
  • Yearly payments
  • Additional contributions
  • 7-day free trials

9. Set your podcast website URL if you have one. This link will direct from your membership page to your website.

10. Set your headline. This is the main call-to-action for your membership.

11. Set your benefits title and benefits description. Your benefits description should describe the content members receive when they sign up.

12. Design your membership page using the following options:

  • Toggle light theme or dark theme
  • Opt-in to display your podcast cover art, the covert art you've uploaded to your hosting platform
  • Opt-in to display a hero image and upload a custom image.
  • Set your main color, which affects colors of your button, links, and more to give your page a custom feel.

13. Connect your bank account. 

Glow uses Stripe to make it easy for your listeners to support you. So we can pay out those contributions to you, enter your bank account information at Stripe. 

On the earnings page, indicate how your podcast business is structured so that we can link your Glow page to your donation portal.

If you are unsure of which business structure describes your podcast, see this Stripe article for more information.

At this point, you will be redirected to the Stripe website to set up an account and link your Glow page to our monetization system. Follow the steps on the Stripe platform to initialize your payment method.

14. Finally, agree to terms and conditions and publish your page.

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